We welcome you to read the NATA Mission, Vision, Living Values and Strategic Priorities below. The NATA Board approved the Living Values and the Strategic Priorities in February 2016 and the Mission and Vision in September 2016. The Mission reflects our purpose as an organization and who we are today. It is specific to NATA and we’ll continue our work to ensure it is realized. The Vision is an aspirational statement about the world in which we are a significant player. While it is not specific to NATA, we play a critical role in realizing the overall vision. NATA is committed to making the Strategic Priorities part of the on-going work of NATA.

We invite you to print a copy of the NATA Living Values. We suggest that every NATA member print a copy and frame it for your office.

NATA’s Mission


NATA prepares and inspires

synagogue management professionals

to serve and lead

congregations with excellence


NATA’s Vision

Synagogues and other vibrant centers of Jewish life

engage outstanding talent

and have the necessary resources

to thrive and evolve

NATA Living Values



Build Community

Enable Ourselves and Others to Act

Give of One’s Heart and Soul

Live our Torah

Model the Way

Strategic Priorities


Enrich members’ professional and personal development

Advance and promote the profession

Serve as the voice of synagogue management