The National Association for Temple Administration (NATA) is an active professional network committed to Judaic principles of ethics and integrity.

NATA’s mission is to support its members by:

  • providing education and training activities and standards
  • providing its members and their congregations with access to NATA resources
  • advocating for the profession of Temple Administration
  • serving as a resource to the Union for Reform Judaism


Network – This is how we operate. We connect to and support each other.

Judaic principles – Separates us from other non-profit or professional organizations. This defines who we are as professionals and as an organization in the way we do our work.

Support its members – This is priority one. Everything we do is intended to support our members.

Education and training programs and professional standards – We seek to increase the professional skills of our members so that they can better serve their congregations, and to elevate the profession as a whole.

Providing its members and congregations with access to NATA resources – We actively seek to provide NATA resources and support to all NATA members. By including congregations, we serve congregations that do not yet have a NATA member or the congregations of NATA members who may need consulting.

Advocating for the profession – We create an understanding of the work of Executive Directors so that Executive Directors can serve their congregations in the highest possible way and are appropriately recognized for this service.

Serving as a resource to the URJ – Our closest connection to the movement is through our affiliation with the URJ, particularly through its Department of Synagogue Management, service on its committees and commissions and helping to partner with the Union in the area of Temple Administration.