The National Association for Temple Administration (NATA) holds an Annual Conference to bring together Executive Directors and nationally recognized presenters in the areas of Judaic knowledge, management, finance, human resources and leadership.

Register now for the 2015 – Orlando, FL – October 31 to November 4, 2015 and is followed by the URJ Biennial November 4-8, 2015

NATA Conference registration is now open and is available in the Members Only area of the website.

Conference Ads and the 2015 NATA Awards information are available in the Members Only section or by calling the NATA Office at 1-800-966-NATA or email

2015 Vendor Packet

Future Conferences:

 2016/17 – Nashville, TN – January 15-19, 2017* (Joint NAASE Conference) This is NATA’s 2016 Conference

 2017 – Boston, MA – December 2-6, 2017 (Followed by the URJ Biennial)