The Institute occurs every other year at the

Steve Breuer Conference Center in beautiful Malibu, California.


We are happy to announce that the next class will be from

Sunday, February 3  through Friday, February 8, 2019!

2017 Institute Class


This is a great way to further your career as a professional Temple Executive Director/Administrator! To read more from what your fellow Executive Director/Administrators have said about the Institute please read their TESTIMONIALS.

Agler NATA

The Institute Courses taught include Management and Judaic subjects.

View the Course Outline.

Management Courses and Exams required for Senior Membership in NATA (and for FTA Certification):

  • Membership
  • Public Relations
  • Personnel
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Techniques and Tools of Synagogue Management
  • Governance
  • Judaic Courses and Exams required for completion of FTA Certification (in addition to the management courses listed above):
  • History of Reform Judaism
  • Liturgy
  • Ceremonies, Holidays and Practices

Also required for completion of FTA Certification:

  • Prayerbook Hebrew Reading Literacy
  • Thesis or Project


To present the body of knowledge established by the FTA Certification Board as constituting the core requirement for Certification as a Fellow in Temple Administration. Examinations for FTA designations will be offered to participants at the Institute. (Candidates for the FTA are also required to complete a Hebrew reading exam and fulfill a thesis or temple project requirement within three years of successful completion of other exams.)

The 2019 fees are not finalized yet. The 2017 REGISTRATION FEES were as follows:

(Limited to 18 participants. First-come, first-served basis)

NATA Regular Member, Shared Room: (A subsidy from NATA makes the tuition reduction possible) $ 400

NATA Regular Member, Private Room: (A subsidy from NATA makes the tuition reduction possible) $ 470

Courtesy Members or Non-NATA Member, Shared Room: $ 700
Courtesy Members or Non-NATA Member, Private Room: $ 770

Here was the 2017 REGISTRATION FORM 


Enrollment in the Institute includes five nights (Sunday through Thursday nights) with meals included. If you wish to reserve to a (limited number available) private room, note the private room fee above.



Beth Silver“I strongly recommend that everyone attend the NATA Institute. It was an excellent opportunity to take a break from my daily responsibilities to focus on the skills and knowledge that will make me a better Executive Director. Getting uninterrupted study and networking time with other Executive Directors in beautiful Malibu, California (in January!) made the whole experience very special. I was able to pass all of the exams and attain Senior Member status in one short week.”  

– Beth Silver, Executive Director, Temple Rodef Shalom, Falls Church, VA

“Here Comes a Cheesy Cheer:
Don’t miss out on the Institute!”

AmyBecker“In February 2009 I had the privilege of attending the NATA Institute. This is an experience like none other where you have the opportunity to test and enhance your skills, refresh your knowledge, learn something new and develop yourself on a professional and a personal level. And this is just the first day! Ha! Whether you have been in the field for a short time or for several years, the Institute has something to offer everyone. Best of all, you have the opportunity to spend 5 days in beautiful Malibu, and experience the Institute with a small group of individuals who you undoubtedly have a lot in common with!”

Amy Becker, Executive Director, Temple Sinai, Denver, CO
Questions? Contact: Aliza Goland, FTA
(805) 497-7101