Fellow in Temple Administration Certification

Temple Administrators and Executive Directors utilize a unique combination of education, experience, training and distinct professional skills as they serve the needs of their sacred communities.

In recognition of this critical and unique role in the life of the congregation, the National Association for Temple Administration (NATA), the Union for Reform Judaism, and the Central Conference of American Rabbis have established the Fellow in Temple Administration (FTA) certification, the standard of knowledge and experience which is the recognized credential for those who wish to demonstrate their competency and expertise as Temple Administrators.

The earning of an FTA by a Temple Administrator or Executive Director is a major achievement. This achievement exhibits a dedication to the field of Temple Administration and to synagogue life. It exhibits expertise in the field, and a detailed knowledge and familiarity with the subject of the thesis. Additionally, the Temple Administrator or Executive Director who has earned their FTA has exhibited a commitment to continued education and professional growth.

More information about the FTA Program can be found here. We have also made available, for your perusal and use, FTA theses dating back to 1984.

For more information, please contact the Chair of the NATA FTA Committee.

Aliza Goland FTA
Executive Director
Temple Adat Elohim