2013 Myron E. Schoen Service to Judaism Award Winner: Larry Glickman, FTA


Larry Glickman served NATA well as a board member, officer, teacher, leader, but his efforts have gone beyond serving just NATA in several important ways and that is why I am delighted to recommend him for the Myron E. Schoen Service to Judaism award.

First of all, Larry cares deeply about Jewish Youth and about how we can engage them to consider a life-long career as a Jewish professional. As part of his NATA board responsibilities, Larry traveled to Reform Camps in the mid-west, and helped coordinate other colleagues trips to other geographical areas, where the teens heard about a possible career path without becoming a clergy person that would allow them to continue to develop as a reform Jew and provide them with a wonderful opportunity to stay connected to the Jewish community. While his bias may have been towards the administrator role, he was clear that his desire was for them to stay Jewishly involved, and he understood that it took personal conversations and connections to help the teens understand what their future options could be. In addition, Larry has been a cheer leader, technician, guru and leader in creating on line means for first his NATA colleagues to communicate effectively, and now in his new position at the URJ the entire movement to communicate effectively and to create a means for various constituency groups to work together to develop a library of best practices and examples.

Without his complete and total support of NATA-Schmooze, NATA-NET and now the Tent, we would be less able to share, learn from each other, gather information and move ourselves and our members, and the rest of the professional Reform Jewish world, into a modern platform that links us all together in the marketplace of Reform Jewish ideas. Larry continued to support NATA during its transition, even though he was working for the URJ and no longer an executive director or on the NATA board, and continues to help us through the first few months of use. His efforts have gone well beyond the requirements of his job at the URJ, or as a NATA member, and like other of his fans, I say “me too.”